Indie Publications Logo Design



For my Communication Design 1 class I had to design a logo for a company of my choice. I decided to design a logo for a company concept called Indie Publication. The requirements for the project is that the logo needs to work black and white. It also has to work small and big as well. My target audience are photographers, layout designers and zine makers who are more into producing something more artistic instead of conventional like mainstream print making of books. 

Initial Research started off with a clear written ideology of the brand/company.


I started off with making sure I had a written understanding of the project. I broke it down to Topic (who is the client), Focus (what is the project), and Target Audience or TA for short. After narrowing down who my TA was I then moved onto coming up with a word map to figure out key words about Indie Publications. From there I knew what words I can use as inspiration for my sketches. I looked into elements of printing and DIY printing which is a popular style of making zines which Indie Publications would help their clients make. Common DIY printing styles use a hands-on approach to print making so I decided to include type that I would draw myself. 

Sketches and Logo Development

From left to right you can see the direction from my initial logo sketches to choosing one sketch and furthering sketches based on that sketch. I then went digitally after choosing a direction from those sketches and made several itterations playing with how they would look small and different grayscale of the logo.